We are your local Cerakote Approved and Certified Applicator!

Cerakote CoatingsThe Coatings USA’s team has been working to open a Cerakote Coatings Division since April 2015. Well it has finally happened! As of February 2016 we finished our training and are now Cerakote Approved and Certified Applicators in both firearm and high temperature coatings. With our Mil-spec and production coating knowledge we are able to handle custom to large production orders.

Great news for the firearm enthusiast, manufacturers, and OEM product designers. Our goal is to create a new industry standard that allows you to be actively involved with your design and customization.  To insure a quality coating every time we have developed a series of controls and QA requirements that our preferred network gunsmiths, dealers, and sales team must meet.

YES, you can take your firearm to anyone that says they Cerakote…the question is why? We warranty all coatings, test fit for any tolerance issues, and test fire to insure proper working order of your firearm.

Check out our new Cerakote gallery http://coatingsusa.com/gallery/cerakote-firearm-gallery/ for the latest designs. We stock all 100 colors and can custom blend to create a color that is unique and specific to you.   Make it yours, Make it Custom! Over 300 vinyl stencils, customized images to create one-of-a-kind stencils, Freehand, and stenciled Camo patterns are all available.

Dale, Brigitte, and Kerri showing off some new designs at Elite Shooting Sports , Manassas VA

Dale, Brigitte, and Kerri showing off some new designs at Elite Shooting Sports , Manassas VA

Join our preferred network team! If you are a gunsmith, dealer, manufacturer, or enthusiast we want you in our preferred network! Email us for more information sales@coatingsusa.com and special pricing options.

If you are looking to educate yourself on what Cerakote is and how it applies to you or your customers http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com can provide that information.

Thank you for taking the time to  read this and we hope you continue to follow us on this journey!






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